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1/05 Update

* Guess who was named SWIMMER OF THE MEET for the last swim meet....ME!  Watch out Liz...there is another SWIM GIRL in town!

* I now own Princess Diaries II (thanks Mom-Mom).  Anyone want to come over and watch???

* We are looking suggestions for the annual Brooke Birthday bash.  Email me and let me know where you think I should have it.

*Alexis wanted to know my favorite place that I have been.  Well, that would be Disney World.  Tower of Terror is not scary.  So feel free to go on it as many times as you want (just not with babies or if you are a scaredie cat).

* Keep checking out my website.  It will keep getting better. 

Here is a game.  See if you can unscramble what I wrote.  Email me with your guess, you may get a prize. 

1) okeobr kscro
2) zartb ear loco
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